After setting up your profile, you will be able to quickly and easily mark your ballot. Just look at your phone and see the candidates for each race listed from your best to your worst political match.


The sage voter app will help you see where the politicians stand. After answering questions about your political positions, the app will compare them against candidates and show your match percentage for each.


Want to look a little deeper into your match results? Each candidate can be selected to see a breakdown of how they match with your political positions. The information is easy to understand and non-partisan.

The ultimate 
voter app

The sage voter app is still under development, but when it is complete, it will be the best voter’s guide available. Rather than just displaying information about candidates, the app will personalize the information to the voter. It will show how each candidate matches with the voter’s priories and help them vote for their best match.


We are looking for volunteers to make sage voter the best.

From board members, to app developers, to people who are passionate about the mission and want to contribute in some way, we need you, so that together we can build a strong sage voter. It is our mission to ensure a fully responsive democracy by making informed, issue-oriented voting easy and engaging. 


We envision a future where every American casts their ballot with clarity and confidence in a thriving democracy.


To ensure a fully responsive democracy, our mission is to make informed issue-oriented voting easy and engaging.